✨🍩 A custom video for Chef Lume! He wants to see me tastefully eat, tease and make a sexy mess over my bust with donuts.
💉💋 Come my slaves, you know what time it is. Worship the fresh 2cc’s that I just pumped into my lips, along with my transparent tights on my perfect legs .
🍒 Mr.Anonymous has been dying to see me in a tight, buttoned up polo for a long time . I enjoyed making him wait, but now I’ll have even more fun teasing my way out of these buttons .
👙🖤 A custom video for my newest slave Lio. He enjoys hearing me talk about how I plan on draining his wallet , in my super microkini .
💉💋 This video is all about my freshly injected / even bigger pout from today ! If you love full lip close ups , a tight turtle neck leotard that stays on the entire time and my glossy watermelon kisses, this video is for you.
😍 All of my post surgery marks finally came off around my nipples and I’m now sitting pretty enjoying my perfect twins ! Come take a glance at my shiny, smooth XXXL’s 💋.
💝💝✨Here’s your second treat Boobslover! You’re going to love how I take my time to get out of my sweatshirt for you. My hot pink lips and gigantic bust are just the icing on the cake.
💝 A custom treat for Boobslover! Many surprises await you in this video. I hope that you love my overpowering bust, big lips and a lot of glossy teasing !!

🤎 A custom video for Kojo of me in my skimpiest plaid school girl outfit. He loves a slow tease down to an even smaller reveal !
🛍💉 A custom video for my slave Citizenb . He is so eager to watch me try on my sexiest/tightest tops , to see if they still fit on my bust!

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